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  The Legislative Affairs Office(hereinafter referred to as LAO),is a working body to the State
Council, that is the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China, assisting the
Premier in handling legislative affairs and other legal affairs. LAO originates from the former Bureau
of Legislative Affairs (hereinafter referred to as BLA)of the State Council, the People’s Republic of
China (hereinafter referred to as the State Council). BLA was established in November 1954 and
dissolved in June 1959. In May 1980 and July 1981, the State Council established, within its General
Office, the Legislative Affairs Bureau and the Economic Legislation Research Center in succession.
In order to strengthen the legislative work of the executive branch and through it to push forward the
reform policy and socialist modernization, the State Council decided in April 1986 to amalgamate the
above two organs and re-establish BLA as one of its directly subordinated agencies. In October 1988,
BLA was defined as one of the functional institutions under the State Council. In March 1994,
according to the Scheme of Reform on the Organizational Structure of the State Council approved by
the First Session of the Eighth National People’s Congress, BLA was redefined as one of the directly
subordinated agencies to be responsible for the legislative and other legal affairs of the State Council,
as assistant and legal counsel to the leaders of the State Council. In March 1998, according to the
Circular of the State Council on the Institutional Establishments, LAO was established to replace BLA.


Director (Minister): Mr. Song Dahan
Deputy Directors(Vice Ministers): Mr. Anjian, Mr. Yuan Shuhong, Mr. Gan Zangchun, Mr. Hu Keming
Address: No.33 Ping'anli Xidajie,Xicheng District, Beijing 100035, The People’s Republic of China

  1. Taking the whole situation into account and making the overall planning accordingly on the
legislation work of the State Council, working out the annual legislation programme, and organizing,
facilitating and guiding the implementation thereof after approval by the leaders of the State Council.

  2. Reviewing and revising the drafts of laws and administrative regulations submitted to the State
Council by various ministries and departments; reviewing international treaties that China is to
conclude or accede to from a legal point of view.

  3. Drafting, or organising the drafting of, certain important laws and administrative regulations.

  4. Undertaking the legislative interpretation of administrative regulations.

  5. Carrying out study on issues of a general nature arising from the enforcement and implement-
ation of the laws and administrative regulations involving common rules on government behaviours
such as administrative litigation , administrative reconsideration , administrative compensation,
administrative punishment, administrative license, administrative charges and administrative
execution, and putting forward proposals for perfecting the systems and solving the problems there
of to the State Council, as well as drafting relevant supporting administrative regulations, documents
and official replies.

  6. Undertaking coordination task in narrowing discrepancies and disputes among various
ministries and departments in the implementation of relevant laws and regulations.

  7. Handling the filing of local regulations and rules as well as ministerial rules, examining
whether or not they contravene the constitution, laws and administrative regulations or conflict with
each other, and then putting forward corresponding suggestions thereon according to different

  8. Classifying and codifying administrative regulations, and compiling the official version
collections of laws and regulations to be published by the State.

  9. Organising the translation and finalizing of the foreign language version and minority language
version of the administrative regulations to be published by the State.

  10. Carrying out theoretical and practical research on legal system and developing exchange with
corresponding organizations home and abroad.

  11. Undertaking other matters entrusted by the State Council. 

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